Exhaust Manifold K949

The K949 is one of the latest developments from the LRT and represents the only true industry solution.

This construction has corrected a design flaw on the part of original manufacturer, the original sheet metal shell has some weaknesses. The vermicular graphite cast iron used by LRT, which you will find in all cast LRT products, ensures high temperature resistance and quality. A further measure was added to the K949, because among other things, the flexpipe connection was originally identified as a weak point. Thanks to the improved LRT design, it is now possible to completely dispense with the flexible part, which ensures a significantly longer service life.

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While in the year 2000 the catalytic converter warranty in the market was at best 2 years with 80.000km limited mileage, the LRT was already the first supplier to guarantee 3 years without mileage limitation. This has become standard today. The other manufacturers have had to take over.


At the end of 2002, LRT became the first supplier to introduce cast manifolds as a new product line in the aftermarket. In 2005, we got our first competitor. Or EURO5: As of 2012, LRT is the only supplier to offer a catalyst program for approx. 3 million EURO5 vehicles.

Customer Oriented

The customer is always at the center of all considerations at LRT. For example, are researched data for product fitment is of particular importance. LRT does first-class work, which not only shows in the rating of the TecDoc, but also reflects in the praise of our customers.

  • Catalytic Converters

    With the Blue Angel certification, LRT Catalytic Converters are certified with the highest environmental standard in the emissions field. The LRT offers not only the highest quality and perfect fitment, but also a very high vehicle coverage with a broad portfolio. All Blue Angel catalytic converters have 5-year warranty without mileage restriction.

  • Exhaust Manifolds

    The LRT is in charge of the cast iron manifold and was the first mover in this segment in 2002. Cast iron manifolds of the LRT are cast exclusively in the highest quality in vermicular graphite iron, whereby an extremely long life is achieved, which is often higher than the original.

  • Exhaust Manifold Catalytic Converters

    Also in this product group, LRT has set the benchmark as the first supplier in the aftermarket. The Exhaust Manifold Catalytic Converters is the marriage of the product groups manifold and catalyst, in which the LRT has been at home since its founding. Also the Exhaust Manifold Catalytic Converters have 5 years warranty without mileage restriction.

  • Flexpipes

    The LRT offers a wide range of flexpipes in the highest quality and at the best prices. The flexpipes are used in many LRT products in production, but are also available individually or in a flexpipes package.

  • Repair Pipes

    LRT repair pipe solutions are specially designed for garages. Through innovation, low-cost alternative solutions are developed, in which weak points can be repaired without having to carry out a cost-intensive repair.

  • Downpipes

    329/5000 Downpipes are subject thru their engine proximity and exposure to severe thermal and mechanical loads. Due to the design of the vehicles, these parts additionally suffer from increased corrosion, which is why LRT has set itself the task of providing the aftermarket with the highest quality solutions at a fair price.

  • Pre Catalyatic Converters

    The advanced system developed by the LRT for standards for the end customer set. Especially when upgrading, the customer can count on a significant reduction in vehicle tax, because the exhaust gas values improve significantly by a pre catalytic converter from us.

  • Mounting Kits

    The LRT offers a wide range of top quality installation kits. Each LRT product includes a kit with gaskets, bolts and nuts. Since there are many kits for other product groups, they can also be purchased separately.

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LRT Automotive GmbH produces quality automobile parts for Exhaust systems for the aftermarket.



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