Catalytic Converters

Blue Angel Replacement Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is a component of motor vehicles and serves to purify the exhaust gases. If the catalytic converter in the vehicle no longer reaches the required exhaust gas values during an exhaust emissions test, or is otherwise defective and inoperative, it must be replaced. Replacement catalysts from LRT offer a high-quality alternative to the expensive original part with an optimal price-performance ratio.

In production, the LRT uses only the highest quality materials. Our entire range of replacement catalytic converters are made of stainless steel, the ceramic or metal monolith are coated with the precious metals rhodium, palladium and platinum, and are designed to meet the requirements of the respective emission standard. This is also the purpose of the expander mats used, which protect the ceramic substrate against shocks.

Recently, the entire LRT replacement catalytic converter program was awarded the Blue Angel, Europe's oldest and best-known environmental label. This award is only given to catalysts that permanently ensure a sufficiently low emission level. And because the LRT is confident in the quality of its catalytic converters, we grant a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

To make replacement as easy as possible, LRT replacement catalytic converters are manufactured to replacement size, matching the original, and always supplied with all the required installation materials, such as gaskets, bolts, nuts and clamps.

Upgrade Catalytic Converters - Applies to German Emissions Classes

Even if your current catalytic converter is not defective, it can be worth it to exchange. If you drive an older vehicle with a bad exhaust emission classification. By replacing your existing catalytic converter with one of our upgrade catalytic converters, the exhaust emission classification and thus the vehicle tax code of your vehicle improves.

You are doing something for the environment, as your vehicle releases less pollutants into the environment and at the same time you save taxes and increase the resale value of your vehicle. Often the tax savings are so high that you have recouped the cost of the upgrade catalyst within a few years.

In addition to the catalytic converter, of course, the high-quality LRT installation kit with all the gaskets, bolts, nuts, and clamps required for installation, as well as the tax modification request for submission to the registration office are included in the delivery.

LRT E2 System - Applies to German Emissions Classes

A so-called regulated 3-way catalytic converter (G-Kat), as it is standard today, basically consists of two separate components: the catalytic converter and its regulator.

For various VW and Audi models we offer with the LRT-E2 system for retrofitting the regulator for an existing unregulated oxidation catalytic converter. So you can upgrade easily from your U-cat to a G-Kat and your vehicle can be classified with the pollution key 77 in a cheaper motor vehicle tax code. It also gives you the green environmental badge for your vehicle.

Pre Catalytic Converters - Applies to German Emissions Classes

Your existing catalytic converters is still intact, but you still want to save taxes while doing something for the environment? Then our LRT pre catalytic converters are the right choice for you. Because with the LRT pre catalytic converters you can bring your vehicle to a better emission standard without having to replace the expensive, functional catalytic converter.

You simply disassemble the front pipe on your vehicle and replace it with the appropriate pre catalytic converter from the LRT. It is made to fit and therefore easy to install. The required material for the installation, are included in the package.

Often the front pipe has already become old and needs to be replaced, then the LRT pre catalytic converter is the only alternative, since the costs are generally not higher than for a replacement front pipe without a pre catalytic converter.

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