Exhaust Manifolds

Cast Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold is a component of the exhaust system, which is mounted directly to the engine and collects the exhaust gases produced in the engine during the combustion of the fuel and passes it on into the exhaust gas line. If the exhaust manifold has a hairline crack and thus draws "false air", this often has an effect on the engine control because the lambda sensor measures this faulty air mixture and forwards it to the engine electronics. The manifold must be replaced.

In the case of original parts, cheaper lamellar graphite casting is used in many cases, which can not withstand the high stresses that come from the extreme temperature fluctuations between high load and parked times, and breaks. For this reason, the LRT only uses high-quality vermicular graphite cast iron in your cast iron exhaust manifolds. This is characterized by a particularly high temperature change, shape and oxidation resistance. Due to a special heat treatment LRT cast manifolds are also less susceptible to distortion.

Thus, LRT is the leading supplier of exhaust manifolds in the aftermarket with the highest quality, the best price / performance ratio and the widest range.

Tubular Exhaust Manifold

In the course of the efforts to reduce the exhaust emissions of passenger cars ever further, the exhaust manifolds was also developed further by car manufacturers. In order to achieve a faster start of the catalyatic converter, tubular manifolds were used more frequently instead of the heavy cast iron manifold. These are significantly lighter and have a lower thermal mass, which means that the engine heat reaches the catalytic converter faster during cold start and this reaches its operating temperature quicker. This became increasingly important for the higher requirements of Euro 3, 4 and 5 emission classes (Germany).

The LRT recognized this development early on and acquired the know-how as well as the required machines for the production of tubular exhaust manifolds. It now offers a wide range of exhaust manifolds in the aftermarket. Only high-quality materials are used and the original parts are examined for failure points in order to improve them.

In order to make replacement as easy as possible, LRT exhaust manifolds are always supplied with all required installation materials, such as gaskets, bolts and nuts.

Shell Exhaust Manifold

Like the tubular exhaust manifolds, the shell exhaust manifolds are also characterized by a lightweight design, a low thermal mass and the resulting advantages for the catalytic converters. In addition, with shell casings an even more compact design is possible, which plays an increasingly important role in the increasingly narrow engine compartment of modern vehicles.

Due to the enormously high costs for the hydro-forming tools, shell exhaust manifolds in the aftermarket are in many cases hardly economically viable. Thanks to the clever combination of standardized hydro-forming parts and tubular elements, LRT still manages to offer many of these shell manifolds with an optimal price / performance ratio in the aftermarket.

In order to make replacement as easy as possible, LRT manifolds are always supplied with all required installation materials, such as gaskets, bolts and nuts.

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