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A flexpipe is an element of the exhaust system that improves the life of the exhaust system and reduces noise by absorbing the vibrations from the engine.

LRT flexpipes can be used for many aspects of the exhaust system, not just to replace a cracked flexpipe. Often, a costly replacement of a catalytic converter or muffler can be avoided by simply replacing the flexpipe.

We offer our flexpipes in two different quality levels, as inner braid and as interlock. The inner braid flexpipes are made of a double wire mesh, the high-quality interlock variant is also provided with a corrugated tube in the interior, which provides additional stability and optimizes the exhaust system.

For many applications, we have vehicle-specific repair solutions in the program, in which the matching flange has been already welded to the flexpipe.

Repair Pipes

If a pipe in the exhaust system is cracked or rusted thru , a new, expensive muffler or catalytic converter does not have to be installed immediately, as it is often still fully functional.

LRT repair pipes offer the cheap alternative here, which is quick and easy to install. The repair pipes are produced and delivered precisely fitting for the respective application in the usual high LRT quality.

Mounting Kits

Whether you buy a LRT exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, or exhaust manifold catalytic converter, you can be sure that you do not have to spend a long time looking for the right bolts, nuts, and seals. Because the LRT provides you with everything you need for the propper installation right away.

The mounting kits, in particular the bolts, are designed for a high tensile strength. This ensures that the exhaust manifold can not distort even at high temperatures. Therefore, it is also important that you always completely use the supplied installation material during installation.

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