Upgrade catalytic converter

Useful upgrade catalytic converter to replace existing catalytic converters with poor emissions ratings.

Even if your current catalytic converter is not defective, it may be worthwhile to replace it. And that’s if you drive an older model vehicle with a poor emissions rating. By replacing your existing catalytic converter with one of our upgrade catalytic converters, your vehicle’s emissions rating will improve, and so will its vehicle tax class.

This way, you have a positive effect on the environment, as your vehicle emits fewer pollutants into the environment, and at the same time you still save taxes and additionally increase the resale value of your vehicle. The tax savings are often so high that you recover the cost of the upgrade catalytic converter within a few years.

In addition to the upgrade catalytic converter, the scope of delivery of course includes the high-quality LRT installation kit with all the gaskets, screws, and nuts required for installation, as well as the tax change application for submission to the registration office.