Replacement manifold catalytic converters

Permanently low exhaust emissions thanks to Blue Angel award-winning replacement manifold catalytic converters including 5-year warranty with no mileage limit.

The fusion of manifold and catalytic converter into a single component has the advantage in terms of exhaust gas technology that the cooling path of the exhaust gas to the catalytic converter is significantly reduced, the catalytic converter heats up faster, and reaches its operating temperature earlier.

There is the option of using the catalytic converter as the main catalytic converter or together with another underbody catalytic converter as a pre-catalytic converter.

The replacement manifold catalytic converters combine LRT’s two core competencies as a leading manifold and catalytic converter manufacturer.

To make the replacement as easy as possible, LRT Automotive replacement manifold catalytic converters are always supplied with all the necessary installation materials, such as gaskets, nuts, and bolts.