Flex pipes

Indispensable replacement part for repairing the exhaust tract

A flex pipe is an element of the exhaust tract that improves the life of the exhaust system and increases noise comfort by absorbing engine vibrations.

LRT flex pipes can be used for all sorts of mounting jobs on the exhaust system, not only to replace a cracked flex pipe. Often, an expensive replacement of a catalytic converter or muffler can be avoided by simply installing a new flex pipe.

We offer our flex pipes in two different quality levels: Inner Braid and Interlock. The Inner Braid flex pipes are made of a double wire mesh, and the higher-quality Interlock version also has a corrugated tube inside, which provides additional stability and optimizes exhaust gas routing.

For many applications, we have vehicle-specific repair solutions in our program where the matching flange is already welded onto the flex pipe.