Tubular manifolds

Replacement tubular manifold for automobile manufacturer’s advanced manifold

In the course of efforts to further reduce exhaust emissions from passenger vehicles, automobile manufacturers have also developed exhaust manifolds.

In order to achieve faster start-up of the catalytic converter, tubular manifolds were increasingly used instead of the heavy cast manifolds. These are significantly lighter and have a lower thermal mass, which means that the engine heat reaches the catalytic converter more quickly during a cold start and it reaches its operating temperature faster. This became increasingly important for the higher requirements of Euro 3, 4, and 5 standards.

LRT Automotive recognized this development early on and acquired the expertise. We now offer a wide range of tubular manifolds. Only high-quality materials are used, and the original parts are examined for weak points in order to improve them at the crucial points.

To make replacement as easy as possible for you, LRT Automotive tubular manifolds are always supplied with all the necessary installation materials, such as gaskets, nuts, and bolts.