Pre-catalytic converters

Upgrade for existing, intact catalytic converter system to further reduce exhaust emissions and further reduce the tax burden.

Is your existing catalytic converter is still intact, but you still want to save on taxes and do something for the environment at the same time? Then our LRT pre-catalytic converters are exactly the right choice for you. Because with LRT pre-catalytic converters, you can bring your vehicle up to a better emissions standard without having to replace the expensive, working catalytic converter.

You simply disassemble the front pipe on your vehicle and replace it with the appropriate pre-catalytic converter from LRT Automotive. It’s manufactured to fit precisely and can therefore be installed with minimal effort. Of course, we also supply the necessary material for installation.

The front pipe is often already quite old and needs to be replaced, in which case the LRT pre-catalytic converter is the only alternative, as the cost is hardly any higher than for a front pipe without a catalytic converter.